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I am writing this letter to endorse the work of La Ree at Phoenix. As the sole owner and proprietor of my business, Johnson's Tooling Inc., a tool and die sharpening service, I understand the necessity in today's business world of having a solid presence on the world wide web.

To that end, Phoenix's professional Internet development has increased our business and customer base exponentially since we have begun. In fact, in the short time span we have dealt with Phoenix-IV, we have added 325 new customers exclusively from the website. Maintenance and hosting have been excellent as well; naturally a staple of the online business. We have supreme confidence that if something occurs, it will be taken care of with the utmost expedience.

Johnson's Tooling Inc. has been exceptionally satisfied and highly recommends Phoenix Interactive Vision's services to anyone seeking to maximize their profit through the medium of the Internet.

Thank you for your time,

- Becky Johnson
Johnson's Tooling Inc.


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