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manufacturing website creationA number of years ago it became clear that Nautical Design, in efforts to better reach the customer base, was in need of a website. Subscription advertisement, trade shows, and brochures were not enough.

As with many other business challenges, our first three or four attempts to have a website created ended in failure, due to companies claiming more computer competency than they really had. During this time, we questioned the real need for a website and whether it would justify the expenditure. Our company was growing and issues such as keeping a brochure up to date, and proper product presentation were becoming more of a problem.

Finally we were approached by Phoenix-IV, a company which provided a website that presented our company image, provided excellent visibility and product presentation to our customers through listed ranking.

We immediately increased sales and reached customers world wide, customers that were never able to be reached by other forms of media. Phoenix continued maintenance of the site, created further adaptations, and increased search engine rankings, which we now realize the value more than ever.


- John Theibaud - President
Nautical Design, Inc.

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